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The Emile Vuillard & Cie factory

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Plan cadastral
Hippolyte Vuillard pipemaker since 1863 establishes a workshop in the rue du Faubourg Marcel (Saint Claude).
With his son Emile he creates a company named Hippolyte Vuillard et Fils.
Number of employees: 10
Following a partnership with Moritz Strauss, the society changes its name to Vuillard et Strauss.
Extension of the factory with new buildings.
Number of employees: about 150
1910 - 1961
The company is successively named:
Simon Vuillard et Strauss (prior to 1914). see snippet ...
Emile Vuillard Fils et Cie (S.A.R.L. prior to 1940)
Emile Vuillard et Cie(1) (S.A. about 1961)
Number of employees in 1948 : 38

Facades on riverside. View from the West (1991)

Back facade (1991)
Number of employees: 11
The Emile Vuillard et Cie company is taken over by the Cuty-Fort group.
(1) Do not confuse E. Vuillard & Cie (rue du Faubourg Marcel) with H. Vuillard & Cie, producer of the Corsica pipe. The two houses do not have any known family tie.
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