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Saint Claude  France
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(Underside) Bontemps Saint-Claude (On stem) France, hand cut
Brand of the Berrod-Regad group.


  Cadet, Italy, B610
This pipe is from the Savinelli's Cadet line. But for an unknown reason (fills?) the Italian maker has omitted any reference to the brand: The "S" on the stem logo is canceled and the "Savinelli" stamping on the shank disappeared. Compare with the true Savinelli Cadet and observe these omissions.


(RDA/GDR) German democratic republic





 Oldenkott Rubin
The Oldenkott factory closed down in 1992.
See also: Derby, Maxim
  Cadet, Savineli Italy
  (Underside) [Shield] 4003
This is an older serie: note the 4 digit shape number.
"Cadet" pipes from Savinelli have also been produced without any stampings refering to the Italian brand.
 (Underside) Kings Cross, Faetherweight, Savinelli, Italy, 701
  See also the "Kings Cross" brand and the "Kings Cross" line of Marxman.

Tabak Rohr

Aarau  Switzerland
 (Left side) Tabak Rohr, Aarau (Right side) 727
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