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Brands with person logo

 (Left side)

Lobbia, Lavorata a mano

(Right side)

[Two hats] 1979

Logo: Stylized face with a hat.

Grading: Two hats stamped on the shank.


Other logos with hats: Churchill, London Royal, Man About Town, Sabatini

The brand is named after the semi rigid felt hat which owes its success to the deputy Cristiano Lobbia (1826-1878) and manufactured by Giuseppe Borsalino in Alessandria (IT). Lobbia's most famous battle was the “Tobacco Monopoly scandal” ("scandalo del Monopolio dei Tabacchi"). He was attacked with stick. Lobbia entered the Parliament with the bowler that he was wearing the evening of the aggression which was showing a hollow in the middle due to the strike of the stick.

Le huitième chapeau (The 8th hat)



no logo on the stem



[3 stars]

no logo on the stem



[Lightning bolt]

Artisan: Gregor Lobnik made his first pipe in 1998. He has learnt the craft under the guidance of Peter Matzhold.

The former grading system (1 to 4 stars in ascending order) has been canceled in 2011. Exceptional pieces continue to be stamped with a lightning bolt.


 (Left side) L&C° (in oval) Spigot
(Right side) London.
(On ferrule) L&C° (in oval) [Lion] [Leopard] [D]
Hallmarks: the date letter "D" corresponds to the year 1978 (see enlarged views and document)
Brands with an unique letter logo
  Loewe Cutlass ..21, France (on stem)


  (Left side) Loewe, Flame   (Right side St Claude - France, 021


Brand founded 1856 by Emil Loewe
First overtaken by Civic the brand became part of Cadogan group (BBB, Civic, Comoy, GBD, Loewe, Orlik) about 1979.
See also: Haymarket  

London Castle



(Left side) London Castle

(Right side) Made in England

The brand founded in 1919 was originally known as Davies & Huybrecht and was only distributed by Smith's Snuff Shop in London. Mr. G. Huybrecht retired in the late 1990s and the production stoped in 1999.

Sir Harold Wilson, former British Prime Minister, smoked mainly G. Huybrecht pipes.

London Lane

Brands with an encircled letter logo

London Royal

LHS (1)


  Imported Briar
(1) according to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.
Other hat shape logos: Churchill, Lobbia, Man About Town, Sabatini

London Town

Brand with an architecture logo


 (Left side) London Town
(Right side) Made in London 60
Same logo: Royal London


Brands with anchor logo

Altough this pipe hasn't any other markings except "Londonaire", the document hereafter would prove this label is the name of a Calabresi's serie.


Brands with several letters logo

(On top) Londoner B. Barling

(Underside) 408 T

(On bottom near the junction) Made in Denmark

Once the family had sold the Barling brand (1962) pipes and especially the seconds of the brand were made in France, Italy or in Denmark like the model above.
Brands with an unique letter logo
  Londoner, London Made, 489S
See also: BB&S, Cragmoor


Paris France
Brands with animal logo
(Left side) Longchamp, France
Brands with animal logo


(Left side) Longchamp, France
At least two versions of Longchamp's logo may occur on the pipe stems.
Early logo slightly different from the registered one.
Logo on more recent pipe stems matching the registered one.

Brand created in 1948. The pipes were crafted by Forestier-Bourgeois Cie (FBC) in St Claude and leather wrapped by Parisian workshops. Longchamp is the one and only brand which exclusively marketed leather clad pipes. They invented these pipes.

See also a Parker-Longchamp pipe

Index of leather clad pipes: Longchamp

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