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Dunhill LC by David Enrique

In 2009, Erwin Van Hove(1) commissioned a Dunhill "LC" replica from two French pipe makers. Both of them ignored this double approach. David Enrique was entrusted with the mission to produce a sandblasted version of the legendary Dunhill pipe while Pierre Morel was asked to carve a smooth version.
This page displays the result of David Enrique's work: guided by the persevering comments of the customer, he came up with successive versions. This dialogue led to the following results.
First version
Second version A
Second version B
Supplementary version
The shank of the first version was considered by the Belgian collector a bit too massive, but the shape of the second version A satisfied both artisan and buyer.
Yet, in order to emulate the brownish and burgundy nuances of the authentic Dunhills, this pipe was stained again, which resulted in the second version B, the final one.
The supplementary version has been carved for an other customer.

David Enrique drew his inspiration from a 1934 Dunhill "LC". One of the sketches drawn by the pipe maker highlights a difference in concavity, which the carver ended up adjusting.

Test Enrique's first version in the Dunhill LC comparison page

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(1) Erwin van Hove (Belgium) a pipe collector. His article relates in all details the cicomstances of these pipes elaboration.
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