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Dunhill LC by David Wagner

The Austrian pipe maker David Wagner (Baff) endeavoured to bring back to live the mythical Dunhill "LC" shape. Sam Goldberger (finepipes) commissioned these pipes in 2008. Some of them issued from this work may be appreciated hereunder and compared with David Enrique's versions or those of Pierre Morel.
The first pipe has the usual Dunhill "LC" shades from the pre WWII years.

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The second pipe is a brown dye attempt which actually didn't exist on the original Dunhills "LC".
A Tanshel finish version.
As to the shank-stem continuity, the "Swan's-neck" effect which constitutes the glamour of this Dunhill shape seems to be less important here compared to the other Dunhill "LC" replicas described in these pages.

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