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Milano  Italy
Brands with 2 dots logo

 (Left side) Luciano
 (Right side Hand Finished, In Italy, 2010
 (Underside) Pease, Di Piazza, Design
Brand created in 2007 by Luca di Piazza (Neatpipes). Luca designs the pipes which are usualy crafted by Radice. In 2009 he begins to collaborate with Greg Pease (USA) to design a Pease/DiPiazza serie of chubby pipes.
Luca di Piazza


Brands with an unique letter logo
 (Left side) Ludwig's Oil Cured     (Right side Imported Briar
 (Left side) Ludwig's Ultra  
  (Right side London England, 9436


The brand's name as logo


(Left side)


(Right side)




Luigi Pipas

Brands with a spot or disk logo
Artisan: Luis Arbotto


(Sven AA.)
Brands with two letters logo

  Lund Outrup, Handarbejde

Artisan: Sven AA. Lund (retired)

Address: Sondergade 19, DK-6855 Outrup


Brands with triangle logo



  Luxor, Bruyere
Same logo, different brand: Lord
 (Left side) Luxor (in cartouche) Déposé
16 karats gold band. Horn mouthpiece.
The maker of this pipe has undoubtedly no connection with the other pipe of this brand displayed above.
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