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The brand's name as logo
Brand of Gros, Grenier, Ostero et Cie.(closed). See also: PRIOR , OSA, Sicana

Gold Crown

Brands with crown logo

Gold Crown, London England, 9490
Brands with crown logo

(Left side) Gold Crown
The crown logo on the stem of this pipe is somewhat worn out. Thus it's hard to compare it in order to know a bit more about this label.

Gold Fire

Gold Fire, Selected Briar
(Left side) Gold Fire, Select Briar
(Right side) Made in Italy
Similar logo: Silver Match

Gold King

Brands with crown logo

(Left side) Gold King (Right side) Algerian Briar, France
(On Band) 12 KT, Goldplated
Gold King's logo is yellow, Silverking's is white
Same logo: Big Ben Reputation, Silverking

Gold Spot

Brands with star logo
Gold Spot Sandgrain 2

Gold Star

Brands with star logo
R & H, Gold Star, London Made, Made in England, 3767
Brands with star logo

(Top) Gold Star, Straight Grain
(Bottom) London England, 2637

G and S inside the star logo
Brands with star logo

Gold Star, Giant, 8551
Gold Star, Envoy
The pipes temporarely gathered under the "Gold Star" label obviously aren't from the same maker.

Golden Arrow

Comoy (?)
Brands with arrow logo

(Left side) Golden (Arrow mark) Arrow (Right side) Made in England, 32
Logo: Oblique arrow
It's not established this brand is a Comoy's second. Comoy very often used to prefix its seconds with "The" (in script). ex: The Guidlhall, The Everyman, The St James.
See also: The Golden Arrow

Golden Burl

Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Golden Burl, Made in France
(Right side) Imported Briar, 2
An export brand by Ropp. This is also the name of a John Surrey's line

Golden Danish

Karl Erik


― Hand Made in Denmark ―

― Golden Danish ―

― II S―

Pipes belonging to a Karl Erik's sub-brand and stamped with "II S" (this piece) are aimed for the US market.

The influence of Preben Holm's style on this pipe is obvious.

Other brands from Karl Erik: Ottendahl, Champ of Denmark, Half Town, Knute of Denmark, Shelburne

Golden Dawn

Brands with crown logo

Golden Dawn, Saint Claude

Golden Gate

Brands with two letters logo

(Left underside) Golden Gate

(Right underside) 304

During the Soviet times the "Veresk"1 Company (or Cooperative) was the only pipe manufacture in USSR. They used to manufacture pipes in cherry, pear, peach, apricot and other fruit woods. In the early 1990's with the political changes, the corporate focused on briar pipes importing burls from Toscany (IT). But the production of pipes made from fruit tree varieties is still going on (2012).

The Golden Gate pipe factory in Kiev was the place Konstantin Shekita made his first steps in pipemaking.

1 Transl. Verseck: Briar or Bruyère

Other Eastern Bloc pipe brands: ARK (GDR), Howal (GDR), Nagykörösi Pipes -Szabó Körös Pipes- (HU)

Golden Square

Golden Square, London Made, Made in England 1077
A brand of John Redman Ltd

Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset, Algerian Briar, France



Goldpoint Old Briar



Golf Real Briar Giants 3451-S
Brands with an encircled letter logo

Golf, Real Briar



no logo on the stem


― JSG ―

Artisan: Jan Szymon Golowacz


Georg Jensen
Brands with star logo
Artisan: Georg Jensen


Losange, Diamond
GORDON, E...A, Bruyere (in diamond) Made in France
Brands with crown logo
English brand founded about 1910-20 by Samuel Gordon ( J. M. Lopes, op. cit.)

Gordon Nesbit

Brands with several letters logo


(Left side) Gordon Nesbit Ltd, Pat NO. 2572048
(Right side) Genuine Imported Briar
The patent document is signed NISBET, the pipe is stamped NESBIT.


Japan Denmark

(Underside) Gotang 2011

This pipe with a briar lined lemon wodd bowl is the fruit of Tom Eltang's and Kei'ichi Gotoh's collaboration.

Tom Eltang

voir aussi : Botang



no logo on the stem


― K. GOTOH ―

― 08 07 ―

― Japan ―

Artisan: Kei'ichi Gotoh (born 1956)



no logo on the stem


― Handmade ―

― Denmark ―

― Dieter Gottschling (Arched)

Dieter Gottschling is one of these German artisans (see Ingo Garbe) who settled down in Denmark.




K. Gourvelos Greece

**** (4 stars) 13 [KG logo]

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