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Brands with shield logo

(Left side) GUCCI (Underside) Italy

The green-red-green strip is the recognition mark of Gucci, the famous Italian luxury brand.

Other pipes from important luxury brands: Hermes, Pierre Cardin, Vuitton

Guido Del Vecchio

Brands with several letters logo
Brands with ring logo

Pipe Guido Del Vecchio, 202, [Circle]


Pipes with several bars logo

(Left side)

The Guildhall, London Pipe

(Right side)

Made in London (Circle) England, F126

Pipe stamped as a Comoy's "Guildhall" line.

Gulden Dansk

Brands with two letters logo

Gulden Dansk (...) Italy
See also: Silveren Dansk



no logo on the stem



Sweden 11 K

Artisan: Lars-Göran “Gurra” Markunger (born 1960) has been making pipes since 2005 beside his job in a glas factory.



(Left side)

H. Guyot

7, Avenue de Clichy Paris

(Right side)

Ecume Véritable

Markings: Gilbert Guyot continued to stamp the pipes he produced with his father's first name:"H. Guyot".

Threaded tenon by G. Guyot

Artisan: Gilbert Guyot started to carve his pipes in 1961 and from 1969 to run with his father the family pipe shop (Avenue de Clichy, Paris). He was a expert for amber and ivory work and from time to time he continued to fit his pipes with threaded tenons.

Gilbert Guyot is the author of two books:

"Le pipier de Paris" (1984)

"Les Pipiers français" (1992) ( op. cit.)

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