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The Berrod Regad factory

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Cadastral map
Lucien Regad builds a pipe factory at 2 ter rue du Plan du Moulin (Saint Claude). At that time his firm allready exports pipes in more than 50 countries.
Death of Lucien Regad.
Number of employees: 24
Arthur Berrod joined the factory as an errand boy when he was 12 in 1868. When he was 15, Lucien Regad gave him the responsibility for the plant in his absence. In 1902 he married Thérèse Regad, daughter of Lucien.
Letterhead of Lucien Regad
Arthur Berrod assumes control of the firm which has now the name Ets Berrod-Regad.
Berrod-Regad's letterhead
1943 - 1966
The buildings are enlarged three times.
Death of Arthur Berrod.
Jean Berrod a son of Arthur manages the business.
The society buys the Butz-Choquin brand.
Berrod-Regad plant
Overall view of the Berrod-Regad plant (about 1980)
Berrod-Regad factory
Facade on the rue du Plan du Moulin

Jean Berrod retires. His brother Claude manages the firm. Jean Paul, son of Claude enters the business as marketing director.
Acquisition of Roger Buffard Bontemps.
Number of employees: 69

Number of employees: 170

Jacky Berrod († 1993)
Jacky Berrod

The S.A. Berrod Regad(1) takes over Chapel.

Jacky Berrod passing away. He was responsible for production of the Butz Choquin pipes.

Jean Paul Berrod
Jean Paul Berrod

Jean Paul Berrod who managed the company until then retires and sells the company to Mr Fabien Gichon.

Denis Blanc, allready owner of EWA, takes over the S.A. Berrod-Regad.

(1) S.A. (Société Anonyme) : Limited Company (UK) or Incorporated Company (US)
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