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Gabrieli Pipes


no logo on the stem


― Gabrieli ―

― U.S.A. ―


― Bethlehem P.A.―

― 12 25 2009 ―

― A A ―

Artisan: Dan Chlebove carved his first pipe in 1998.



no logo on the stem

(Underside) GM Gamboni, 3 G
Markings of a pipe prior to june 2011.

no logo on the stem



Skins Game


Artisan: Gian Maria Gamboni who is a network engineer started carving pipes in 2007.

Gamboni is one of the carver collaborating to the "Foundation" brand.

Prior to 2011 the pipes were graded vith a number and a letter.

Posterior to june 2011 Gradings are named after a golf terminology (ascending).

  • "Teeing Ground": Blasted, Rusticated pipes
  • "Fairway Blasted": Smooth pipes
  • "Putting Green": Blasted, Smooth pipes
  • "Skins Game": Blasted, Smooth special pipes (From 2012)
  • "Hole in One": Collector numbered pipes

Dating : along with the grade a 2 digit number (12=2012)


 (Left side) Gardesana
 (Right side Italy
Brands with shield logo

 (Underside) Gardesana (Arched) Modano, C 606
Brand of Gardesana Pipe SNC di Fiorenzo Rovera e.C.
Via della Liberta' 27
25030 Mairano (BS) Italy


Saint Claude  France
Brands with an unique letter logo
Brand of the factory J. Vincent Fils (closed)
11 rue Carnot Saint Claude, France
Gardhill et Jeantet Gardhill et Jeantet


Brands with an unique letter logo

  Garrick (in oval) 5 XL
Brands with an encircled letter logo



M. Gasparini Pipe - Home Page
Luvinate (Varese) Italy
Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Left side)


Briar Extra

[encircled symbol]

(Right side)




The "M" logo corresponds to the christian name of the brand's founder: Mario Gasparini. According to Marisa Gasparini, Mario's daughter and current (2013) owner of the brand, this pipe is from 1965. Later the "G" of Mario's signature was adopted as the brand's logo.
Marisa Gasparini
Brands with an unique letter logo
  R. Gasparini, Maya, 0209
This pipe is not from the firm established by Mario Gasparini. It is from a company which engaged in an unfair competition in the late 1970. They went bankrupt after two years.


  Gasparini M.G.M. Elegante
Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Left side) Gasparini, Premiere

(Right side) Fine Bruyere

Brands with one dot logo

  605, Gasparini, Briar Extra, By NIGT
Gasparini seconds : Il Ponte, MGM,
Tandem Tandem


The Gatlinburlier Pipe, Pipe Tobacco, Cigar and Chewing Tobacco Store.
Tenessee USA
Brands with person logo

The logo displays a man's head and shoulders wearing a hat.
Brands with a vegetal logo


 (Top side) Christmas, 1997
(Underside) Gatlin-Burlier, Italy
France  England


Brands with crown logo
  GBP Chelsea
Great Britain Pipes
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