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The La Bruyère factories

La Bruyère
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Cadastral map
Establishment in Paris of the S.A. La Bruyère(1) on the basis of English capital(2) and of the Lucien Morand pipe factory in Saint Claude (France). The next year the society acquires premises rue Saint Blaise (Saint Claude) and a ebauchon drying shed is built right from 1910.
La Bruyere factory about 1910
On the first floor of the plant at rue Saint Blaise about 1910.

The plant's employees (1910-1920)

Buffing women at work (1910)
Extension of the factory: purchase of buildings on the other side of the rue Saint Blaise (Saint Claude).
Rue Saint Blaise in Saint Claude (France)
View of the rue Saint Blaise in 1992.
The S.A. La Bruyère(1) absorbs Chapuis-Comoy and settles into its premises at rue des Etapes (Saint Claude) leaving the plant at rue Saint Blaise.
Cadastral map
Purchase of the pipe factory situated at 2, 4 rue de Bonneville (Saint Claude) formerly belonging to the "S.A. des Ets Prost et Sévenier" and which had closed down in 1929.
La Bruyere factory at rue de Bonneville in Saint Claude
factory at rue de Bonneville. Snapshoot from 1992
In view of the success encountered by the Chacom brand, La Bruyère takes back the "Chapuis-Comoy & Cie" society name.
(1) S.A. Société Anonyme : Limited Company (UK) or Incorporated Company (US)
(2) An overview of the connexions between French and English pipe companies here.
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