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The Morand factory

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Plan cadastral
Lucien Morand resigns from the head office of La Bruyère.
After having established S.A.R.L.(1) Lucien Morand et Cie he moves from 8 rue Voltaire (Saint Claude) and acquires the buildings at rue des Arrivoirs (Saint Claude)
Rue Saint Blaise à Saint Claude (France)
Postcard (about 1930-40) displaying the facades on River Bienne side at 12-14 rue des Arrivoirs (Saint Claude).
The skyway between house (left) and factory (right) is perfectly visible.
Paul Morand, son of Lucien, inherits the house. He will produce the POL brand at this place until the middle of the 1960s.
Number of employees: 5 women at the factory and 4 persons at home.
Usine Morand à Saint Claude : façades avant
Front facades about 1992. Behind the buildings, River Bienne.
Usine Morand à Saint Claude : façades arrière
Facades on the river side about 1992.
(1) S.A.R.L Société à responsabilité limitée : Limited Liability Company (LLC)
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