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Brand founded in the 1860's at Leeds (GB). Lane Ltd. (NYC) bought the brand in 1962 and closed the factory in Leeds in 1965. The pipes were then manufactured in London at Charatan's. During the period 1972 (about) - 1989 Ben Wade pipes were mass produced for Lane Ltd. by Preben Holm's worshop in his very personal style.
Peter Wilson owner of Duncan Pipes bought the rights of the brand in 1998.

Leeds period


 (Left side) Ben Wade (In oval), Selected Grain
(Right side) Made in Leeds, England, 47
These stampings date from the pre-Lane period when Ben Wade pipes were made in Leeds (UK).

 (Left side)

Ben Wade

(Right side)

Selected Grain, Leeds - England

London Made


 (Left side) Ben Wade
 (Right side made in London. England
Pipe carved in the Charatan's Prescott Street factory. Vertical mark on mouthpiece
The brand's name as logo


  Ben Wade, Selected Briar, London Made, 38
Pipe carved in the english factory. Horizontal mark on mouthpiece

English Made

Brands with person logo

  Ben Wade, Blackfriar, Made in, London England
 (Left side) Ben Wade, Blackfriar, London made
This amazing indian chief logo is an original. It seems to ornate systematicaly the mouthpieces of the Blackfriar line.

English Made

Brands with target logo


Ben Wade Made in London England


The stem logo seems to be an original since the pipe is unsmoked.

French Made


 (Left side) Ben Wade, Sienna   (Right side) Made in France

Danish Made

Brands with crown logo

Ben Wade Danish Hand Made 100
Made by Preben Holm

Brands with crown & letters logo

Ben Wade Golden Walnut Made in Denmark
Made by Preben Holm

Danish Made



 (Left side) Majestic, Design Series, C
(Right side) Ben Wade, Hand made in Denmark
 See also MAJESTIC as a Ben Wade's sub-brand

Encircled B logo

Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) Ben Wade, 100, Hand made, Denmark
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