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A biography of Jean Lamy

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This biography could be established thanks to information transmitted Apr 2013 by Madame Reine Lamy, widow of the pipemaker.

(see original letter)

Jean Lamy
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Birth of Jean Lamy at Azans (Jura FR)

1925 - 1939

Typographer at a printing company in Dole (FR).

Typographer at the newspaper "Le Bien Public" in Dijon (FR).


Entering the "Compagnons de France" brought him to stay in Saint Claude where his office was next a pipe maker worshop.

After WWII
Jean Lamy went into partership with a friend to resell pipes bought from different pipe makers in St Claude. They broke up before soon due to irreconcilable differences.

Jean Lamy established on his own as an artisan at 2, Faubourg Marcel in St Claude.

Jean Lamy in his workshop

Jean Lamy continued to carve his pipes well after he retired.

Jean Lamy dans son atelier
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Production - Distribution
Jean Lamy manufatured the pipes. He was helped by one or two workers at the workshop (retouching, staining) and some home-workers (buffing, varnishing).

Even though two commercial travellers carried out sales at the national level, Jean lamy was regularly on tour in French regions to promote his pipes.


Retirement: 1981

Death: Feb 3, 2010

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