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Brands with animal logo

  Samirva Select, Made in, London England

Maybe a Charatan second crafted during the Lane era?

See also (same logo): Tobacco Pouch


The brand's name as logo



Samson France, 194

Samuel Pepys

Brands with an unique letter logo


Samuel Pepys, Made in France  

(Right side)


A second of the French branch of GBD.

This model also has been distributed in the USA under the Kaywoodie Samuel Pepys label.

Sans Tare

Brands with two letters logo
  Sans Tare, St Claude France 311

"Sans tare" = "Flawless"

The "St Claude France" stamping of this pipe is exactly the same as the one with the "Madame" label.


Stefano Santambrogio Pipe


  Santambrogio, Exclusive
  Stefano Santambrogio, fatta a mano, Italy
  Newer script letters stampings

Brand created in 1912 by Stefano Santambrogio (1867-1951). The factory was run by his two sons Renzo and Armando until 1981.

Today (2008) Stefano (born 1952), the son of Renzo, manages the Santambrogio procuction.

Seconds: Stefano (?)

Stefano Santambrogio Senior
Stefano Santambrogio Junior

Sara Eltang


no logo on the stem


◊― [Footprint] Sara Eltang, Denmark ―◊


Sub-brand of Tom Eltang named after Tom and Pia Eltang's daughter. She used to help her father always barefooted in the workshop.


Tokyo  Japan
Brands with one dot logo



◊ [ideograms] Smio Satou, Japan ◊

Artisan: Smio Satou (born 1944 - retired)

Production (2010): 40-50 pipes/year

Hight grade freehand pipes with bamboo extensions

Smio Satou 2009


Brands with ring logo
  Savana 930



no logo on the stem

 (Underside) ― SAVA ―

Artisan: Andrey Savenko started to carve pipes in 2009.

Markings: SAVA, nothing else


Brands with an encircled letter logo

A brand of Beney Ltd.




Brands with an unique letter logo

  (Left side)

Savory's, Ludlow

(Right side)

Made in London, England



Red "S"

Brands with crown & letters logo


(Left side) Savory's Argyll
(Right side) Made in London, England, 134

Brand created in 1885 by H.L. Savory & Co. and taken over by Dunhill.


Brands with an unique letter logo

  Savoy, 205


Brands with an unique letter logo



(Left side)

Saxon, Consort

(Right side)

Made in England



Artisan: Boettger father and son. The pipes were made by the son in a small workshop in Wickford (Essex) and the father sold them during the 1970s.

Line names: Club, Essex, Kent, Prince, King, Virginia, Consort, Exclusive.

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