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Millenium 1988

  Peterson "Dublin"  Hallmarks: [Hibernia], [standard mark], [c]
Peterson's Millenium pipe commemorates the City of Dublin's founding (988-1988).

Mark Twain


Made in the Republic of Ireland, 63/1000

(On silver band) Mark Twain, Commemorative, 1835 - 1985

This pipe is part of the 2nd numbered edition (1000 pipes) of a serie celabrating the writer's 150th birthday anniversary.
(Left side) Peterson's, Mark Twain
(Right side) Made in The Republic, of Ireland

Peterson started producing Mark Twains without numbers from 1983 through 89. This piece is one of these.

The band is 1981 [p] hallmarked. This seems to be a contradiction considering the 1983 release date. But an explaination may be found here.

Great Explorers

(Left side)


Of Dublin

Great Explorers

(Right side)

[Name of the explorer]

(On silver band)


[Ship & Sea ]

Great explorers


A cased set of four pipes. Each pipe is named after a polar explorer stamped on the right side of the shank:

  • ROALD AMUNDSEN (Bent Billiard)
  • TOM CREAN (Dublin)

For detailed views of the pipes and case see DOK.




(Left side) Peterson Dublin
(Right side) Made in Ireland
The Antique collection is supposed to commemorate Peterson's historical shapes. The markings on the four pipes replicas making up the collection simulate the Pre-Republic era stampings (forked tail P and "Made in Ireland"). The only authentic marks on these pipes are the hallmarks on the band with a year letter [K] in this case, standing for 1996.
"1903" on the band indicates the year this Dublin shape first appeared in Peterson's offer. (Name of the model: Dublin c. 1903)
Historical pipes
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Limited editions, series & collections
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