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Quad City Pipes
Davenport (Iowa) USA

no logo on the stem


QCP (In oval)

Artisan: Andrew Petersen (born in 1970) is a part time carver (2013) who started making pipes in 2007.

The first pipes were stamped with a QCP logo. It changed to QCP in a oval.

The next change was an oval stamp with no border reading "A. Petersen USA" and the number of the pipe in the center.

Andrew Petersen plans to grade his pipes with one, two or three tobacco leaves.

Production (2012): 40-50 pipes/year


Phoenix, AZ  USA

no logo on the stem



R Q (Monogram)


Artisan: Ryan Quagliata started making pipes with the help of Paul Hildebrand and Horace DeJarnett.

Dating: the 2 first digits of the number indicate the manufacture year (ie: 09=2009). The last 2 digits correspond to the order the pipe was carved in the year.



Brands with clover, spade, heart logo








 (Left side) quest, Made in England
  (Right side) 116
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