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S & G

Brands with two letters logo

(Left side)

S & G (In oval) Anniversary

(Right side)

London. England, 9436

"9436" stamped on the right side of the pipe matches the GBD shape number for a straight billiard. The "London England" phrase on top of the number would confirm a GBD origin for a pipe probably retailed by Salmon & Gluckstein Ltd.

S. Bang


no logo on the stem


S. Bang (Arched) København (Arched)

[Per's signature]

Handmade, in Denmark

Sven Bang opened his tobacco and pipe shop in 1968 in Copenhagen. He was more a business man than a pipe carver and began to hire pipemakers. About half a dozzen succeeded each other in his workshop during the 1970's (Ivan Holst Nielsen, Jan Wideløv, Phil Vigen...). At least Per Hansen and Ulf Noltensmeier stayed and when Sven retired in 1983 they took over the company (in 1984) keeping its name.

 Se taper la cloche

Production: ~ 500 pipes/year
Stampings: The pipes are not necessarily stamped with the year of manufacture nor with Ulf's or Per's signature.
European pipe gradings (ascending): Black blast, Tan blast, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C and D (very rare)
US market pipe gradings: no grading. The pipes bear a code. i.e. "9736": 36th pipe made in 1997.

In 1984 the "Copenhagen" marking was canceled and replaced by a "København" stamping.

S. E. Thile

See SEThile

S. Yanik

Meerschaum pipes

The brand's name as logo

(Stem underside) S. Yanik No markings on the meerschaum
Artisan: Sadik Yanik

S.S. Pierce

Brands with an unique letter logo

S.S. Pierce Co, Overland, Made in England 250
Brands with several letters logo
S.S.Pierce C°, Imported Briar
R (In circle) Round Table, Assembly W
Round Table, Shell, 512, Italy
Pipe probably crafted by Savinelli

(Left side)

Faneuil Hall Stem markings : FH

(Right side)

S.S. Pierce Co, Made in England, 363

The S.S. Pierce & Co brand get out of business in the early 80s and dates back to at least 1831.
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