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The G. Vincent-Genod factory

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Plan cadastral
This is the year when Georges Vincent-Genod becomes the unique owner of the company. It's the outcome of a long story since pipe manufacturing at 13, 15 rue du Faubourg Marcel (Saint Claude) is allready attested in the 19th century.
In this same year he fits out a drying shed in the attic of the #15 in the street.
The society is now named S.A.R.L. des Ets G. Vincent-Genod & Cie.

Left : front facade of the rue du Faubourg Marcel (Saint Claude)
Center: view of the workshop
Right : facade on courtyard at n° 15

Women buffing.
Jacques Craen takes the control of the company.
New company's name: Ets G. Vincent-Genod.
Création of the Genod brand.
The worshops are accessible for visitors.
Production : 30 to 35,000 pipes/year. (80% is for exportation)
Sébastien Beaud has now the production in charge.

Back facade on courtyard (1980s)
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